New Music Monday

These guys are so groovy. Right on!


Game of Thrones Wedding Planner

Want George R.R. Martin to plan your wedding? He does a real swell job.

This Is Brilliant

A group of artists traveled inside KPK province and, with the assistance of highly enthusiastic locals, unrolled the poster amongst mud huts and farms. It is their hope that this art installation will create empathy and introspection amongst drone operators, and will create dialogue amongst policy makers, eventually leading to decisions that will save innocent lives.

New Music Monday

Really cool tune. I’m sure we’ll here more of these guys in the future.

Picture Of The Day

An Afghan National Army soldier looks out from a rocky overlook near Pul-e Alam, Afghanistan.

It’s All Ogre Now

This can never be unseen. NEVER!

Badge Fans

Please tell me the Force are playing the Stormers at Newlands, so I can dress like this too and get an autograph from the man himself.

Top Bantz.